The Departure Lounge was created to start a conversation about the end of life and how we can support people to have a ‘good death’ in the future.

The Departure Lounge installation. (May – June 2019)

The Departure Lounge was an innovative installation in Lewisham Shopping Centre throughout May-June 2019 that encouraged visitors to consider some of the big questions we all have to answer. To properly care for our aging population at the end of their lives, we need to listen carefully to the points of view of the public to understand what is most important to them. Visitors to The Departure Lounge were encouraged to record their views and stories on what is most important to them at the end of life.

The Departure Lounge

A selection of the personal stories, as well as the practical advice offered in The Departure Lounge, are still available to view on this website. You can also send us your thoughts and experiences by emailing [email protected]

The information we gathered from The Departure Lounge through these important conversations are feeding into the Academy’s activities to inform research and healthcare policy in end of life care. Information on the policy project can be found here.


The Departure Lounge around the UK

Free flat pack versions of The Departure Lounge have been sent to community groups across the UK to start a truly national conversation about death and dying. These flat packs contain branded materials and resources developed by the Academy and The Liminal Space to prompt discussion and thought about the end of life. 

A Large Flat-Pack kit set up


The flat packs are popping up all over the UK. Unfortunately, all the kits have now been taken, but we are encouraging kit owners to share their resources with others where possible. For more information, please contact Holly Rogers, Communications and Engagement Manager. 










The Departure Lounge has been developed by the Academy of Medical Sciences and The Liminal Space, with support from the Health Foundation and Wellcome Trust.


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